Strategic location

Whichever direction you set out in from the hotel, you will always arrive at the most important Prague sights after a short walk. Only 250 metres separates you from the Old Town Square. Along the Royal Way you can continue across Charles Bridge to Malá Strana (1.1 km) and then along Nerudova street or up the Zámecké schody to the Prague Castle (1 km). Along the central pedestrian zone on Na Příkopě street you will arrive in a few minutes at Wenceslas Square (770 m).

Look out the window of our hotel and discover why Prague is called the city of a hundred spires and why world famous artists chose it as a muse. Franz Kafka (1883-1924) attended the school right across the street. Walk among the homes in which legends of history lived: W. A. Mozart, whose Don Giovanni was created in this very city, or Gustav Meyrink, whose pen the Golem escaped right into the alleys of the Old Town.

You can walk through places that were walked through by Petrarch, Giordano Bruno, William Shakespeare, Johannes Kepler, Tycho de Brahe, Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Max Brod, T.A.Edison, the Dalai Lama and many other figures whom Prague enchanted and who, in return, left the indelible mark of their spirit on Prague. Let yourself be drawn in among the homes where many a Prague legend was born.

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